Overjoyed to say that our “Gorgeous George” (Alisika City-Slicker) received his second UK GRAND certificate at the Supreme Show on 22nd October, making his full title UK and Imperial Grand Champion Alisika City-Slicker.  (For those of you who dont know, this title needs TWO certificates, from different judges, and is ONLY awarded at this once a year show.  So for any cat, let alone an entire male, to gain this is remarkable.  We didnt try last year, as his moult was in full flow (literally) so have had to wait a very long time to gain this award.  George then went on to be awarded Best of Breed too, and then on to compete against over 20 other adult winners for the next level, which sadly, he didnt win, but I am just so proud of this lovely big boy. (photos below are from earlier shows)


To add to our delight, his son, Walter also won his class, gaining his 3rd Grand Certificate, and Best of Breed too.  His new full title is Grand Champion Mabalakat Walter White.  We were just so proud to have these two wonderful boys competing against each other and over 20 others in the Best of Variety class.  This is one Supreme Show we wont forget in a long while!