Expected litters….

All of our kittens (see below) have now gone to live with their new owners, and hopefully, we will have some lovely photos to share on here later as they settle in.  Our next litter is Izzy (Northern Lights) to George (City-Slicker) around Feb 26th. Reds, brown tabbies, black, tortie kittens expected.

Following that, we have just mated Tally to Jesse, and Glori to Walter so some interesting kittens hopefully expected in April.  Too early to confirm the pregnancies as yet, but from Jesse and Tally we hope for black and blue smokes and solids, and tortie smokes and solids.  Possibly red smoke or solid boys.  All with white.  From Walter and Glori we may get as above, but with the addition of tabbies too – so possibly silver tabbies, silver tortie tabbys, brown and red tabbies…..

Watch this space!