August 8, 2017

Details of next litter

walter at bobcats 17th sept 2016
Imperial Grand Champion Mabalakat Walter White (Walter)
CH Mabalakat Gloriana (Glori)
CH Mabalakat Gloriana (Glori)






















After a scan at the vet’s we can announce that Walter’s first ever kittens are on their way!  It would appear that Glori (CH Mabalakat Gloriana) is due around 23rd August with what looks to be 2 kittens.

We can never be sure of colours at this point (and sometimes for some time after birth!) but possibles are (all most likely with white):

Brown tabby, Silver tabby, Black, Black smoke, (both sexes)

Tortie, Tortie tabby, Silver tortie tabby, Tortie smoke (girls only)

Red, Red Tabby, Red smoke (boys only).

We will update as soon as we have details.  Last time, she had two, that were born 3 days apart…… so we may be a while before we can post what she has, but as these are Walter’s first babies, we are excited to see what they are like.

Photos of Poppy’s babies hopefully tomorrow now they are 6 weeks.