Welcome to Zeta Melluandia our new girl from Poland.

In November, we welcomed a new addition to our breeding cats…. Zeta joined us from breeder Ewa Szczucka in Poland.  Zeta is a huge long tortie tabby with a gentle nature who we hope will be a really great addition and welcome outcross to our breeding.  Her first kittens will most likely be in the autumn or spring 2019.

Zeta has a fabulous profile, wide muzzle and tall ears.  She also has a long body with tall legs and promises to be a very large girl when mature.  She isnt very keen on being bathed however, so may not be able to be shown – we are currently working on that problem with her!  These photos were done today, at 8 months old.

P1070689 P1070716 P1070722