June 2018

Kitten updates continued

Izzy’s babies from George are enjoying their large room.  What a difference a week and a few square meals can make!  The little chap (shrimpy) who was being hand fed is now tucking in with gusto and rapidly catching up his siblings – at this rate, he will soon overtake them!

Red tabby and white girl.  Under assessment, possibly staying here.
Red tabby and white girl. Under assessment, possibly staying here.


"Shrimpy" looking more handsome by the day!
“Shrimpy” looking more handsome by the day!
Shrimpy may be available.
Shrimpy may be available.


Kitten updates

Lalique’s two kittens are now 10 weeks old and had visits from their future owners this weekend.

At this point, the girl (Quin) is now reserved, and her brother (Loki) is optioned, pending reservation.



Show news

At the Herts/Kensington joint shows on Saturday 16th, Satchmo was awarded two GPC’s and both Best of Breeds.  This means that he is now a Grand Premier – before a year old!  His sister, Jazz, also won two GCC’s and both Best of Breeds and she now needs just one more to become a Grand Champion.  We are so pleased with these two siblings.

It was a hot day so Satchmo was relaxing.
It was a hot day so Satchmo was relaxing.
Mabalakat All That Jazz
Mabalakat All That Jazz
Kitten news and updates

We are now confident that Pascali, our lovely cream shaded and white girl, is expecting kittens from Walter at the end of June.  We will post on here when they arrive, but males will all be some sort of red – red tabby, red silver tabby,  red solid, red shaded, red smoke, and most likely with white.  Girls will be tortie of some sort – tortie tabby, silver tortie tabby, tortie smoke, solid tortie or tortie shaded, again with white – will be interesting sorting that lot out!

Lalique’s kittens went for their first vaccinations today, and had a clean bill of health.  (Both of these kittens are optioned).   A little tired later when we took photos –




Izzy’s kittens are now 4 weeks old and we are pleased to say are now all eating solids.  It was a bit touch and go for our little fella, but now that he is tucking in we are sure he will soon catch up with his bigger siblings.  The red tabby girl is under assessment for possibly staying here, and the larger brown boy is optioned.  The smaller boy will be given a chance to grow a bit before being made available.

P1080161 P1080162 P1080163 P1080164 P1080165

Show news.

Bristol and Cambria shows on Saturday 2nd June at Thornbury.  Both Jazz and Satchmo were going for their first Grand certificates.  It wasnt Jazz’s day, she won two Reserve certificates, which we were pleased with as she is really still a big kitten.  She did well in her side classes though, with nearly all firsts (one second).  But Satchmo (picture below) did us proud.  Gained BOTH Grand Premier certificates, BOTH Best of Breeds, and then went on to win Best in Show Semi Longhair Neuter in the Bristol show.  Wow… and at 11 months old.  We are so proud of him.  It was a really hot day, and all the cats were virtually wiped out, and fast asleep, but managed to get this shot of him (barely awake!)

Pr. Mabalakat Satchmo
Pr. Mabalakat Satchmo
Zeta is looking for a new home

Zeta is our beautiful imported girl, from Poland.  We had intended to breed her, but sadly, she has proved to be unsuitable.  She has been spayed and is now recovered and looking for her permanent home.  She is a large tortie tabby, who is VERY affectionate.  (I had a job taking these photos, as she just wanted to be cuddling up to me, and licking me!)

She is just one year old (May 17th) and would make a fabulous pet.  If you think you would be interested, and would like to know  more, then please do get in touch, either via phone, or email.  P1080139 P1080144 P1080155 P1080160