Zeta is looking for her special person…

We are looking for a VERY special home for Zeta.  She is a huge and very beautiful tortie tabby that we imported from Poland at the end of last year, for breeding and showing.  Unfortunately she has proved unsuitable for both and has now been spayed and is ready to be homed.  She is extremely friendly and loving, but does suffer from being rather over-enthusiastic in her play at times.  She needs an experienced owner, who can give her the time she needs to settle down and feel secure.  We feel that she would be better in a home with no children, no other pets at least initially, though a friend later on would be good for her, and owners who are there most of the time.  Safe outside access would be good for her, as well,  to help burn off some of her high-octane energy!  She is easy to groom (loves it!), and loves to snuggle on your lap, with her head curled up into your armpit.  But once or twice a day, she has bursts of madness, dashing around, coming back to play (but not always gently), when she needs reassurance, firmness, and distraction!  With time, as she feels more secure with you, this behaviour should quieten down (Liken it to an adopted child, who is “trying the boundaries”.)  I’m happy to discuss her needs more fully with anyone who is interested but the criteria I have mentioned (no children, no pets, lots of people contact and hopefully outside access) are non-negotiable I’m afraid.

Zeta is only just one year old, and although there will be a homing fee, this will be much less than purchasing a kitten or young cat, as finding the right home for her is essential.  It would be a shame if she has to stay in our breeding cattery rather than in the pet home that she deserves.  If you think this could be you, please do get in touch, either via email, or phone, to discuss further, and arrange a visit to meet her.

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