July 5, 2018

After keeping us waiting, Pascali finally delivered her kittens this morning.  She has four males, and two females.  The two girls are both torties of some kind, one certainly has high white, and looks to be calico colouration.  Too soon to know if solid, smoke or silver.  The boys are all red of some kind, but it will be a while before we know if we have solids, tabbies, red silver, shaded, or smoke!  All we can currently say is one has more white than the others!  Photos will follow in due course.


Updates on kittens (2)

Lalique’s two had visits from their new “parents” last weekend, and tomorrow (Friday) they go in to be neutered.  Not long now before they will be leaving us.

Alfie and Quin.  Both now reserved.
Alfie and Quin. Both now reserved.
updates on kittens

This week, it has all been about keeping everyone cool!  Izzy’s three are growing quickly now, and are now 8 weeks old.  The pics were taken last weekend.

Izzy’s kittens first:

Brown tabby with white boy.  Optioned.
Brown tabby with white boy. Optioned.
Mum Izzy keeping an eye on things from on top of the kitten pen.
Shrimpy is now bigger than his sister, and not too far behind his brother in weight. He loves sitting in the sunlight like this. Optioned.
Red tabby and white girl. Still a little shy, but is under assessment for staying here.