Lalique’s litter to Walter is due around 9th -10th April.

Pascali’s litter to Walter is due around 21st April. (not confirmed).

We have started a small waiting list for these litters, but it is already fairly full, and of course, no idea how many kittens will be here.  Further litters are planned this year, (scroll down for plans and possible colour combinations).  Feel free to contact us if you would like to be considered for a kitten and are happy to wait until later this summer.

Kitten season is imminent!

Some photos of previous kittens we have bred

It is always lovely to receive photos from owners of their kittens as they grow up.  Here are a few we have received recently….with grateful thanks to their proud owners.

Athena.  Silver tortie tabby with white.  From Poppy and George, 2 yrs old.
Athena. Silver tortie tabby with white. From Poppy and George, 2 yrs old. 2016
Florence.  Tortie smoke and white Poppy to George 2017.  Oscar, (was Fats) Walter to Glori 2017
Florence. Tortie smoke and white Poppy to George 2017. Oscar, (was Fats) Walter to Glori 2017
Athena.  Poppy to George 2016
Athena. Poppy to George 2016
Orion.  2017
Orion. 2017
Orion.  Izzy to George. 2017
Orion. Izzy to George. 2017
William and George.
William and George.
George.  Izzy to George 2017.
George. Izzy to George 2017.
William with George, named after his dad, George.  Izzy was his mother.  Both 2017 kittens.
William with George, named after his dad, George. Izzy was his mother. Both 2017 kittens.
Wlliam.  Brown tabby from Menemsha and Paddy (outside stud)
Wlliam. Brown tabby from Menemsha and Paddy (outside stud belonging to Jo and James Hastings, Lucifern Maine Coons)
Show news 24th Feb

A nice local show this time, at Warwick Show ground so only around half an hour’s drive for the Coventry and Leicester Club show.  Pleased to say Menemsha won her third Imperial certificate (only two to go now!) and Best of Breed.  She was also up for Best in Show, but was beaten by the cat that won the Reserve Imperial – go figure!

Satchmo won his open too, and also Best of Breed, and as usual, charmed all the judges with his laid back personality.

Sadly our Polish lady, Zeta, really, really, hated it!  She curled up in a small ball under her blanket and refused to come out all day, so her wishes have been noted and we wont take her again.  A shame, as she is looking so lovely, but not all cats like being shown.  As we were taking Zeta, we left Jazz at home so her next outing will be as an adult, rather than a kitten.

Some photos here of the three kittens….

l-r Jazz, Satchmo, and Zeta
l-r Jazz, Satchmo, and Zeta

Next outing will be to TICA mid march, when we will take Izzy out to try to gain more points towards her Double Grand Champion certificate.


We are pleased to say that it looks like Lalique is definitely expecting the patter of tiny paws…. her litter is due around 9th/10th April.  Pascali has also been spending time with Walter, and we hope to have confirmation of a pregnancy there in around 2 weeks.


It will be some 3-4 weeks before we can confirm, but hopefully we will have kittens due early April.  We will update on here when we have more news.  This will be from Walter x Lalique.  Scroll down to see what colours can be expected from this mating.

Show news page has been updated with our results yesterday.

Show news 3rd February 2018

We took Jazz and Satchmo to Stoke on Trent yesterday with one kitten in each show.  Both were 1st, Best of Breed and had a red card day (first in all their side classes).  Jazz went on to be Best In Show Semi – Longhair kitten too, so we had a good  day with them.  More importantly, both took the travelling and showing in their stride, even if we did have to replace the litter in Satchmo’s pen with paper as he kept digging it out, all over the pen, the floor, pretty well everywhere in fact!

Here are a few photos – P1070726 P1070727

Both in pens showing their 1st and BOB rosettes!



P1070741 P1070740 P1070739 P1070738 P1070737

Now coming up to two and a half years old, Walter is proving to be a lovely gentle boy.  His brother, Jesse, sadly proved not to be suitable for stud work so has been neutered and is now living in lincolnshire with a previous cat that we bred, where he is very happily settled.

Walter’s first litter were born last year, but sadly only one live kitten to Glori (Fats Waller who can be seen by scrolling down on our home page).

We have plans for him this year to mate both Pascali and Lalique, which should give us a range of colours and patterns.  (Walter carries solid but not dilute, just like his dad, so no blues/creams yet).

We are really pleased with how he has matured, and are hoping that he will take over from his dad in stud work, as we hope to retire George in the not too distant future.



Mabalakat Satchmo

This is our new boy, Satchmo.  He has enjoyed a lot of success on the show bench as a kitten and we are hoping to continue in this vein in the Premier/Alter sections now that he has been neutered.  It was a hard decision, but we wanted a cat that we could show year-round, not dependant upon hormones!  He is also very much a loving and much loved pet here, and related to several of our breeding cats, so whilst the decision to neuter him wasnt one that we took lightly, it was always going to happen. Weighing in at 5 kgs at 6 months we think he is going to be a large boy and will hopefully showcase our breeding when the girls are busy with babies!

P1070693 P1070709 P1070714 P1070715

Up and coming new girls ... no 3...

Finally – this is Mabalakat All That Jazz (Jazz) who is out of IGRCH Coonberry Daddys Girl and UK&IGRCH Alisika City-Slicker (Poppy and George).

Continuing the high quality of kittens from this mating, we have decided to keep Jazz, even though she is related to both of our current boys and a full sister to Menemsha, so, like her, will until we find a new boy, be going out to stud.

Tortie tabby with white, Jazz is a gentle loving girl, who, together with her brother Satchmo, has been having very good results as a kitten, and we look forward to showing her as an adult.

P1070697 P1070719 P1070721

Up and coming new girls continued....

We also welcomed to our cattery Lucifern Lalique from Jo and James Hastings at Lucifern Maine Coons.  Lalique is a richly coloured and heavily coated tortie tabby, with beautiful green eyes.  She has a very broad muzzle and the typical grumpy maine coon expression (even though she is a very gentle and friendly girl). She currently has 3 CC’s but hasnt yet achieved Champion status, as two are from the same judge! (My fault for not reading show schedules correctly!)  We have taken her off the show bench for the time being so that she can have kittens, and we hope that she will for her first litter have babies by Walter.

P1070648 P1070660 P1070662