George at show

Huge thanks to Neil Wiles for these lovely photos of George at last weekend’s double show (excuse the old hag holding him lol!)  Olympian classes are so hard competing against the best of every breed.  I just felt in full winter coat he looked so amazing had to give it a go, and was very pleased that he was placed 5th and 6th in such large classes of wonderful cats all in their prime.  George is the father of most of my cats, and is grandfather to Jazz’s babies.

Here is judge Ms Bruin’s report on him from the Southern show:  5 CANNELL’S UK IGR CH ALISIKA CITY-SLICKER (MCO d 03 22). Large, rectangular; high on heavy legs. Voluminous muzzle that cld be a tiny bit longer for perfection. Lovely eyes for shape, size, placement and expression. Ears large, wide at the base, set at a slight slant as he was very relaxed; large tufts. Coat of good length; double structure a little too opulent. Red Blotched (pattern rather vague) and White Bi-Colour. Purring along when handled

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