April 12, 2019

Most of Jazz’s kittens have now left us for their last homes.  The last chap goes on his travels to Jersey this coming weekend.

Lalique took us by surprise, and had her kittens a little early – 7 of them!  They were born on Friday 5th so are now a week old.  We don’t intend to start noting interest just yet, as at this stage, and being a little early, they are still very fragile (though quickly gaining weight).  Once we know for sure what we have, and that all are doing well, we will post details and photos. (Most likely next weekend).  People already on our kitten list will of course, be given preference, but don’t forget to let us know of your interest.  Poppy doesnt look to be carrying many kittens, and she is due next week, so we will also list hers once we know more.