July 24, 2019

No pictures yet Im afraid.

Menemsha had her babies on Friday night.  It was quite a traumatic birth, and she has been super protective of them since.  Initially it was hard for me to be near her, but she is now allowing me to stroke her, though the babies are still out of bounds!  Hopefully it wont take long, she is usually the sweetest, most head-butting cat ever, but her “mummy hormones” have kicked in, and then some!

Because of this, I cannot be definitive as to what we have.  Colours, yes, but not all can be sexed as yet.  Photos will follow once we are allowed more access.

I will not be placing options on any from this litter as yet, though if you are interested, dont hesitate to let me know.  As always, once they have been assessed for show potential, options will be allocated in the order – people who have had kittens from me before; people already on my waiting list, having filled in a form; new enquiries.

I *think* (though this will most likely change) we have:-

girl 1 – very brightly coloured solid tortie and white or silver tortie tabby and white.

girl 2- Silver tortie tabby, mostly silver tabby.  No white.

Boy 1 – red silver tabby or red smoke and white.

? – black smoke no white

? – black smoke and white

? – Brown tabby, not sure if with white or not.

Hopefully, we will be able to put up photos before too long.