Show news.

Long drive to Southampton yesterday for 3 counties show.  Nothing for Satchmo in a massive Olympian class of 17 stunning male neuters, though he did get Best of Breed, and two 2nds in side classes.  But Izzy (Northern Lights) did us proud, with her second Olympian certificate, Best of Breed, and a red card day (firsts in all side classes).  We are very proud of this young lady.  Hopefully, we will again be showing Jazz soon, as she has now regained a decent coat after kittening at the beginning of the year (showing breeding cats is a “long game” as they tend to dramatically lose condition after kittening!).  She will be going for her remaining Imperial certificates.  As you can see, Satchmo was very laid back, but we couldnt open pen to take pics of izzy as she just wants to come out and cuddle!

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