September 27, 2019

One of Pascali's babies from last year....

Last year we mated Pascali to George’s son, Walter.  These are two of the litter – red classic tabby and white, and red shaded and white.  The red tabby is looking very like Grandad George.  These two boys are just one year old, and showing how differently MC coats can develop, but wow, what muzzles and ear set.  We look forward to seeing what the current mating to George will bring!


Apologies for no recent kitten updates.  It is our club show next weekend and Ive been getting everything ready for it.  It is at Garth Hill College, Bracknell, RG42 2AD for those who would like to visit on saturday 5th.  Public entry from 1pm. After which, photo updates will continue.

Lalique in full coat.  She has the most beautiful green eyes.
Lalique in full coat. She has the most beautiful green eyes.

However, Lalique is now more than ready to find her new home.  She is a lovely affectionate girl, slightly shy until she gets to know you, but once she does you will have her with you everywhere!  She is a beautiful green-eyed, very red tortie tabby, and her birthday is next month so she will be 3.  The photo shows her in full coat.  (She loves being groomed, so you wont have any problems with that massive coat), but at present she is in a shorter summer coat.

If you would be interested, please do get in touch.  It would be far better for her to be in a loving pet home (ideally as the only pet), where she can have the attention she craves.

She is neutered, will be boostered prior to leaving, and is a very healthy lass.  There will be a charge for homing of £250.

Finally – kitten news!  We have recently mated Pascali to George, and although too early to confirm yet, we hope for kittens mid-november.  This will be a totally red litter – could be tabbies, red silver tabby, red smoke, and red solid and shaded – that will be fun, sorting out that lot!!

Updates will be posted once we have more news on her progress.  As always, people on my kitten list who get in touch after the birth announcement will be given priority for optioning kittens.