Pascali – an update

I know that lots of you have been waiting for an update on Pascali’s kittens.  Im sorry to say it is bad news.  She had a prolonged labour, and gave birth to 8 live and one stillborn.  Unfortunately, she has decided she wants nothing to do with them, and although we are doing our best to hand rear, I suspect that they suffered from the long labour, as we have lost three, and the remaining five look unlikely to make it through tonight.  I am sure you can understand that this is a very upsetting experience. This is one of the awful downsides of breeding sadly, that occasionally (and thankfully it IS rare) the best of breeders do lose litters like this.  This is only my second time in 30 years, so Im pretty devastated, Pascali was the best of mothers with her last litter last year.  UPDATE – sadly, we also lost the remaining kittens.

I am unlikely now to have kittens until next year, so for those of you looking, I can recommend Ali Blades in Nottingham (Alisika Maine coons) who currently has kittens almost ready to leave; and Jackie Huddleston (Jakatta maine coons) in Cambridgeshire, who has new babies.