Pascali and Menemsha will be looking for their new permanent homes in January

As we continue our move to retirement from breeding, two more girls were spayed before Christmas.  These will be ready for new homes in January onwards.  Im looking for homes where they will be the only cat.

Pascali is a cream smoke with white.  She is an affectionate girl, but on her own terms.  She can be quite dominant and likes to hang on to hands a bit longer than maybe you would like, so it is best to play with “distance” toys, such as fishing rod type or wand type toys.  She is intelligent, and friendly but would suit a home without children who I doubt she would tolerate.

Aged 3 years, she is vaccinated to date, neutered, healthy, and clear of all known genetic illnesses.  Unfortunately, she made it quite clear from kittenhood that she would not tolerate the stress of a show hall, so although a wonderful example of her colour and type, she cannot be shown.

Menemsha is a solid tortie and white.  She is aged five.  A hugely friendly and happy girl, she needs a loving home that could possibly include older children.  She will tolerate any amount of handling and is a very easy girl to groom.  When in full coat she needs daily combing, otherwise she can easily matt, but there is no problem with this – she adores being groomed!  Healthy, with none of the genetic illnesses affecting maine coons.  She can be rather bossy with other cats, and also quite greedy, so needs to be monitored with her food intake.  Menemsha showed very well, and is one certificate short of being an Imperial Grand Champion.  So could possibly be shown as a neuter, but I would warn that she isnt a good traveller.

If you are interested in homing either of these girls, then do get in touch.  I would far rather that they were in loving homes than in a cattery for the rest of their lives.  There is a fee for each of £250.  Unfortunately, they cannot go together as they really dont get on!