New litters expected.

We can now confirm that our next (and last!) two litters will be in March.

Peggy (Ch. Mabalakat Peggy Lee) has been mated to Jacky Huddleston’s lovely Gus, and will be due around 20th March.

Colours in this mating, could, literally, be any colour! Both cats are silver, both carry dilute and solid, so any of the following are possible:-

Solids – in Black, blue, tortie, red or cream (torties will be girls, and reds/creams males)

Smokes – in Black, blue, tortie, red or cream (as above re sexes)

Tabbies – Brown, Blue, Silver, Tortie, Silver tortie, red or cream, Red-silver, cream silver, blue silver (again, any torties will be female, reds or creams male).

All most likely with white.

Izzy (UK Imp Gr Ch Mabalakat Northern Lights) has been mated to George (UK Imp Gr Ch Alisika City-Slicker).  Kittens expected around 24th March, and will be either solid or tabby, but no dilutes or silvers so likely colours are :-

solids – Black, or red or tortie

Tabbies – Brown, red, tortie

Again, all likely with white.  In this instance, reds (either solid or tabby) can be of either sex.

Scroll down to see photos of all the above parents.  Parents are all tested and are negative for HCM gene, SMA and PKDef genes.

If you think you might be interested in a kitten from either of these litters, I would remind how we work:

I will post details once the kittens are delivered after a few days to ensure all are doing well, and we know what we have.

I allow 2-3 weeks for people to check and let me know if they are interested in any of the kittens.  After this time, I will place options on them, in the following order…

  1.  First to people who have had kittens from me previously.
  2. People already on my waiting list, and if more on the list apply than we have kittens, will be in order of time they have spent on my list.
  3. New enquiries

So it is advantageous to be on my waiting list, but I wont chase you – it is entirely up to you if you want to keep an eye on my website at the appropriate time or not.  If you are not already on the list, and would like to join, then email or pm me via fb and I will send you the necessary form.

I would stress an Option means first refusal, it is not binding.  People with options receive weekly updates, and are invited to come and meet their kitten after the 9 week vaccination.  If at that point, they, or I am unhappy with the suitability of that kitten for them, the option will be withdrawn, and the kitten made available.  If all is good, then at that point a small deposit is made and the kitten is Reserved for them.  Kittens dont leave home until after they receive second vaccinations (12 weeks) and then are neutered at 13 weeks, so generally leave us around 14-15 weeks.

George. Red classic tabby with white
George. Red classic tabby with white
Izzy (solid tortie and white)
Izzy (solid tortie and white)
Gus (silver classic tabby and white)
Gus (silver classic tabby and white)
Peggy (tortie smoke and white)
Peggy (tortie smoke and white)