New kittens!

For those of you who have been patiently waiting for news of our last two litters, I can tell you that Peggy has now delivered her babies (Saturday evening) and is proving herself to be an exemplary mum.  Before I give news of the kittens (no photos yet as she is very protective of them) I want to raise some concerns and changes to the way we normally work, due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

We take bio-security very seriously here, and never allow visits in any case until after the kittens have had their first vaccination at 9 weeks.  However, depending on where we are in terms of lockdowns etc., this visit may not be possible to arrange – in fact, vaccinations may not be possible, this is unknown territory for everyone of course.  So please do bear with us whilst we all have to wait and see how things develop.  I would have not gone ahead with these two litters had I known what was in store for all of us by the time they were born, but here we are…..

so…. I will post weekly images on here, and will send to those with options on the kittens, and will try to master the art of video too, so you can follow their development.  (looks like we will all have the time to learn new skills!).

Izzy has not as yet had her litter, though she may well have them a little earlier than her due date (tomorrow), as she is so large.  But I can tell you that Peggy (who was mated to the gorgeous Gus, owned by Jackie Huddleston, Jakatta Maine Coons), has had 5 boys.

We have (some final decisions still to come so bear with us) 1. Red solid or red tabby boy.  2. Red solid or red tabby boy with white. 3. EITHER red smoke and white boy, or red silver tabby and white boy, just possibly, he could be cream rather than red.  He is very pale. 4. Brown tabby with white boy (may possibly be silver tabby, but Im pretty sure he is brown) 5. Black smoke with white boy.

As explained to everyone who has asked, I will keep a careful list of all who contact me (please – by email or pm rather than by phone) and after two weeks will assess for allocating options.  As always it will be in the following order – 1. people who have had kittens from me before.  2. people on my waiting list, who have filled in my kitten form, and again, in order of length of wait. 3. new enquiries, who will also be asked to fill in a form for me.

So, let me know if you are interested in any of these, and I will be updateing with photos as soon as I can.  I will update a few days after Izzy has had her kittens too.

Keep safe everyone, and dont forget to hand-wash (mine are sore already).