Autumn photos

This is Isobel, one of Poppy and George’s kittens at 6 months old.  Her owner has just sent us these delightful photos.  We have two babies in our current litter with very similar colouring! (see news of new litter below)  She is growing into a beautiful cat, and her tail is now fluffing up nicely.

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Very pleased to announce the birth of 6 beautiful babies to Remy (Imperial Grand Champion Spirritz Tartan Trembler) and George (UK and Imperial Grand Champion Alisika City-Slicker) this morning.

Subject to later confirmation it looks like we have 3 tortie and white girls, one might be tortie tabby; 2 red tabby with white, could be either sex; and one black and white male.

Photos will follow later.  We have tried to notify all who expressed an interest in this litter, but if you think we have missed you, do get in touch via email.  No decisions will be taken as to homes until these have been fully assessed for show potential.


Overjoyed to say that our “Gorgeous George” (Alisika City-Slicker) received his second UK GRAND certificate at the Supreme Show on 22nd October, making his full title UK and Imperial Grand Champion Alisika City-Slicker.  (For those of you who dont know, this title needs TWO certificates, from different judges, and is ONLY awarded at this once a year show.  So for any cat, let alone an entire male, to gain this is remarkable.  We didnt try last year, as his moult was in full flow (literally) so have had to wait a very long time to gain this award.  George then went on to be awarded Best of Breed too, and then on to compete against over 20 other adult winners for the next level, which sadly, he didnt win, but I am just so proud of this lovely big boy. (photos below are from earlier shows)


To add to our delight, his son, Walter also won his class, gaining his 3rd Grand Certificate, and Best of Breed too.  His new full title is Grand Champion Mabalakat Walter White.  We were just so proud to have these two wonderful boys competing against each other and over 20 others in the Best of Variety class.  This is one Supreme Show we wont forget in a long while!

MCBS and LH/SLH shows 1st October 2016

Took both Walter and Jesse to the joint shows at Bracknell.  Jesse was awarded Reserve Grand in the MCBS show, and Walter Gained the Grand certificate (his second) in the MCBS show and Best of Breed in both shows.  In the LH/SLH he then went on to be OVERALL BEST IN SHOW ADULT SEMI LONGHAIR and the photos below show him being held on the stage whilst the overall Best in Show was judged.  We had a lovely though busy day. Thank you to Beryl McMillan for the photos.

Walter being judged for best in show
Walter being judged for best in show


next litter confirmed...

Assuming all goes well, we should be expecting kittens from Imperial Grand Champion Spirritz Tartan Trembler (Remy) to Imperial Grand Champion Alisika City-Slicker (Georgie) in early November.  We are really excited about this litter from our two most highly titled cats.  Kittens should be both tabby (classic) and solids.  No silvers or smokes, nor dilutes, this time.  So red, red tabby; tortie, tortie tabby; brown tabby; black all with white most likely. Girls will all be red or red tabby or tortie/tortie tabby.  Boys red, red tabby, brown tabby or black.  Images of the proud parents below.

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3rd September, Wyvern Cat Club Show, Izzy (Ch Mabalakat Northern Lights) gained her 3rd GCC certificate, so is now a Grand Champion!

Walter was awarded Res GR CH certificate, so now the brothers have one Reserve each, and both will be going out separately to try for their Grand Certificates.

17th September:  Walter is awarded his first GRAND CHAMPION certificate!  He is the first of the boys to start the journey, but hopefully both will do well at our club show next month.

Lucky (Lucifern Lucky Charm) gained her 3rd CHAMPION certificate so is now a champion.  Sadly she really doesnt like showing, so this will be her last show.


Kittens are now 11 weeks

Poppy’s kittens will be having their second vaccinations next Monday, and the following Monday they will be visiting the vet for their neutering ops.

AVAILABLE. Athena. Silver Tortie Classic tabby and white. Available as possible Show Neuter, or Pet.
RESERVED. Athena. Silver Tortie Classic tabby and white.
Astoria. Tortie Classic Tabby with white. RESERVED.
Astoria. Tortie Classic Tabby with white. RESERVED.
Isobel. Tortie Classic Tabby with white. RESERVED.
Isobel. Tortie Classic Tabby with white. RESERVED.
Murph. Solid Tortie and White. RESERVED.
Murph. Solid Tortie and White. RESERVED.
Montgomerie. Black and White male. RESERVED.
Montgomerie. Black and White male. RESERVED.
Artemis. Brown Classic Tabby with white male. RESERVED.
Artemis. Brown Classic Tabby with white male. RESERVED.

Well, Glori is still keeping us geussing, but we dont think we will have kittens from her in August, as hoped.  Remy is looking more promising for the end of August, and we are hopeful that Menemsha, currently away at stud, is going to be giving us kittens in September.  We will update on here as and when we have news, and will also let those people who have asked to go on our lists know when kittens are born.

Our good friend at Coonspiracy Maine Coons (other side of Daventry from me) has some gorgeous Cream silver and white kittens that are almost ready to go.  Drop us a line if you want her contact details.

Poppy's kittens are now 10 weeks old.

First vaccinations and health check all done with flying colours!  Last worming done too.  Second vaccinations in a couple of weeks (and health check no. 2) before some of the kittens will be leaving, and others will be back to vets for their neuter op a week later.

We are really proud of these babies, so LOTS of photos this time!

Firstly, Montgomerie, Black and white male, who will shortly be going to live with Amanda, and her other Mabalakats.

P1040524 P1040526 P1040527 P1040534

NEXT – Artemis, who is joining Luna (last litter) in London with Maria and family.

P1040506 P1040560 P1040586

AND NOW THE GIRLS…. FIRSTLY, we have Athena, who is going to live with friends of ours.

P1040511 P1040582 P1040597 P1040603

and ASTORIA, going to live with other friends soon

P1040505 P1040530 P1040542

ISOBEL is going north to live with Paul and family.

P1040499 P1040593

Last, but not least, is Murph also going north, who will be living with Lauren and family.

P1040539 P1040550 P1040563

Wiltshire and Wessex Show results

We took both boys, in the hope of securing their last necessary CC’s, and Lucky, who had just turned adult, so we werent too hopeful for her, but thought would give it a go anyway.

We had a wonderful day!  As suspected, Lucky came up against a stunning older girl, and had a second kind of day, though she was well placed in all her side classes, and her day will come.

Jesse was awarded both CC’s and one of the Best of Breeds.  He got first in all but one of his side classes.

Walter was awarded both CC’s and BOTH Best of Breeds.  He also had First in ALL of his side classes (double Red Card Day!) He then went on to be runner up for Best In Show SLH Adult in one show, and was BEST IN SHOW SLH ADULT in the other show.  We are extremely proud of both boys!


Lucifern Lucky Charm.
Lucifern Lucky Charm.

P1040491 P1040481 P1040479

CH Mabalakat Jesse Pinkman
CH Mabalakat Jesse Pinkman

P1040476 P1040474 P1040473

CH Mabalakat Walter White
CH Mabalakat Walter White