Below are some of the cats and kittens we have bred over the years...

Mabalakat After the Storm, (Alfie) winning Best kitten in show. Brown tabby with white. Alfie lives with Denise Williams.
Mabalakat Iced Diamond. Black and white. Living in Finland with Breeder Anna Toivonen.
Ch. Mabalakat Baltimore. Brown classic tabby and white. Now living in London with Katya.
Mabalakat Feed Me Seymour (black smoke and white) and Mabalakat Billy the kid, brown classic tabby with white.
Mabalakat No Dice, a beautiful black and white kitten that was very hard to part with!
cleo 2
TICA IW AND SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION MABALAKAT CLEO. Cleo lives with retired breeders, Fiona and Mark, in Milton Keynes.
Two brown classic tabby and white kittens.
Mabalakat Deejay. Blue tortie smoke with white. Living as a family pet in the village here.
Ch Mabalakat Menemsha. Solid tortie and white. One of our breeding girls as a kitten, just after her pre-show bath.
One of our Red Solid boys with white. Mabalakat Captain Franklyn and approaching one year of age. Franklyn is one of Izzy’s litter brothers, out of Titus and Remy.
Izzy as a baby, with one of her brothers.
UK and Imperial Grand Champion, Mabalakat Helpme Rhondda. Rhondda is a classic brown tabby with white, owned by Steve and Laura Whitmarsh, of Coonflakes Maine Coons, in Surrey.
Rhondda again. Wonderful ear tufts!
witch king three
Mabalakat Witchking. Black smoke. Around 6 months old here. He is a litter brother of Jack and Titus.
tuppy and agatha at bobcats 021
Two brown classic tabby with white kittens. Agatha Gregson (left) stayed with us, and went on to become a Grand Champion, now lives with Jerry and Marge in Gloucestershire, who spoil her rotten. Tuppy, on the right lives in Northants as a pet.
Tuppy – once full grown!
The two reds are out of Glori, the others are all out of Poppy – all by George. This was our total kittens for 2015. The two boys we have kept are the one on the patchwork quilt – Walter, and Jesse is on the red blanket.
fireandrain 9wks2
Mabalakat Fire and Ice. A beautiful tortie smoke kitten who went to live with Julie Wheatley in Nottingham.
My first home bred stud cat, Gr Ch Mabalakat Flash Harry. Harry was a beautiful cat, who now lives with Fran in Wiltshire.
Copy of kittens by russians
These are two of Harry’s kittens. Two tortie tabbies with white.
Ch. Mabalakat Kaleidoscope. Kally lives with Sharon and Mike Casey in Scotland (Spirritz Maine Coons). She is Remy’s mother and is out of Harry and Brocstar Blackberry Way. Tortie smoke and white.
Mabalakat Baggins. Baggins was the sole survivor of a litter that all were born dead, or died shortly after. His father is Titus, mother was Macey, who really wasnt cut out to be a mother, sadly. Totally hand raised, he now lives with one of the litter he grew up with in Milton Keynes with Tom.
the lovely Baggins.
Jack – who has appropriated the large fruit bowl as his own! That bowl is around 2 feet across, and he just doesnt fit in it at all!
Mabalakat Squibnocket. Cream smoke and white. We rarely produce blues or creams lately, as George doesnt carry the dilute gene. Squibs was a real character and it was hard to let him go, but he lives as a much loved pet in Milton Keynes.
Squibs again.
Titus, lording over the sofa in his retirement home in the country!
Lovely Titus, really happy in his forever home.
One of Agatha and George’s kittens, 2014. Her last litter before being neutered. Handsome brown tabby with white – not sure about the antlers though!
Mabalakat Iced Diamond, now living in Finland with breeder Anna Toivonen
Mabalakat Iced Diamond, now living in Finland with breeder Anna Toivonen
Mabalakat No Dice, one of my most favourite kittens that I should have kept. Black and white.
Gr Pr Mabalakat Maltezer
Gr Pr Mabalakat Maltezer. Our much loved family pet, who sadly passed away December 2014, aged 17. He was truly the most splendid boy in his prime and it was such a wrench letting him go. We will never forget him.
ruski kittens 9
3 tortie tabby kittens, 2 with white. All from Flash Harry.
ruski tezer 4
ruski tezer 5
I love how the leaves bring out his beautiful green eyes. Maltezer again.
ruski kittens 10
two tortie tabbies, one with white.
tortie tabby kitten
tortie tabby kitten

Jack is the brother to our previous stud boy, Titus.  He was neutered because he is heterozygous for the HCM gene, whilst his brother was negative.  A massive silver classic tabby with white, Jack is a lovely gentle boy, who is a much loved family pet – I knew the minute he was born that he would be staying with us!

Jack at just over a year old.
Jack at just over a year old.

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playing in the snow aged 6 years.
playing in the snow aged 6 years.

This morning, on her due date, Izzy (Ch. Mabalakat Northern Lights) delivered 5 lovely babies (father is George, Imp Gr Ch. Alisika City-Slicker).

Subject to confirmation:

2 x red tabby and white (could be red solid, one is high white, like dad)

1 black and white male

1 brown tabby and white male

1 tortie and white (like mum)

Confirmation and photos will follow.  People who have expressed an interest will be notified by email.  If you are interested, then please do email ( to have your interest noted.


Georgie is from my friend Ali Blades of Alisika Maine Coons.  He is a gentle, chunky, red classic tabby and white boy.  Currently about to resume the Olympian Certificate trail after a huge autumn moult which saw him take a few months out.  Now regrown, and back in his glory, as well as entertaining the ladies, he is coming back out once again onto the show bench.

George is a friendly and gentle lad, whose kittens all take after him in his wonderful temperament.  Everyone who meets him comments upon his laidback nature, as he lolls in my lap greeting his adoring public!

George was best adult in show at the MCCC in 2014.

George lazing in the sun
George lazing in the sun (at 18 months old)


BIS Male Adult MCCC show 2014
George enjoys some one to one time at shows.


IGC Alisika City-Slicker Best Male Adult
IGC Alisika City-Slicker Best Male Adult
Up and coming boys:  The best of Titus and George combined......

We have kept back two boys from George and Poppy’s last year’s litter.  These two lads are now 10 months old, and will hopefully have their first kittens early next year.

Jesse is a massive black smoke and white, and is almost identical to his mum, with her wonderful well defined smoke colouration and white markings.  He is incredibly gentle and loving, and we were thrilled when he was BIS Kitten at the Maine Coon Breed Society Show in October.

Walter is a classic brown tabby with white, and again is a large, gentle boy.  He has lovely markings, and although not quite as big as his brother, still promises to be a large boy, with his Grandfather’s length of body.

Jesse - BIS MCBS October 2015
Jesse – BIS MCBS October 2015
Walter and Jesse


TICA double RW and QGC/GCCF Imp Gr Ch Spirritz Tartan Trembler

“Remy” is out of Ch Mabalakat Kaleidoscope, owned by our friends Sharon and Mike Casey of Spirritz Maine Coons, in Scotland.  Remy, despite her fierce appearance, is a huge, gentle girl with bright tortie colouration set off by white bib, tummy, and paws.  She is due to be retired soon, and will be staying with us as we would miss her hugely if she left.  She currently has 4 of the 5 certificates she will need in order to achieve the status of Olympian Grand Champion with GCCF, and has one of the 2 UK Grands (only awarded once a year at the Supreme show) in order to become a UK Grand as well. She achieved her double Regional Wins for TICA in the same year, gaining one as a kitten and one as an adult!

Remy winning OVERALL BEST IN SHOW CAT at the Coventry and Leicester show in 2014.
Remy winning OVERALL BEST IN SHOW CAT at the Coventry and Leicester show in 2014.
Remy at a recent show - and still looking fierce!
Remy at a recent show – and still looking fierce!





GCCF CH. Coonberry Daddys Girl

Poppy is a stunning black smoke and white.  Bred by Tereasa King whose girl visited our boy, TICA QGC Mabalakat Titus Pullo, Poppy is a real chip off the old block!  She has wonderful type, broad head, and the best smoking I have ever seen.  Jet black top coat and snow white undercoat, providing real contrast.

She has her first Grand certificate already, and we hope to achieve the other two soon, before she has a litter.

Poppy at a year old, gaining her 3rd CC.
Poppy at a year old, gaining her 3rd CC.


GCCF CH Mabalakat Northern Lights

“IZZY” is the daughter of Remy and Titus.  She currently needs just one more Grand certificate to achieve the title, but needed to take a rest from the show bench, in order to have kittens, and will hopefully be out in the late summer once more to compete for it.  She was BIS Adult at the Maine Coon Cat Club show in 2015.  A gorgeous girl, even more brightly coloured than her mother, we are looking forward to welcoming her first litter of kittens any day now. (by George – see our breeding males page).

Izzy showing off her beautiful amber eyes.
Izzy showing off her beautiful amber eyes.

best female adult 11700873_10204352851765724_7467535449652528837_n

Previous Stud cat:  TICA QGC Mabalakat Titus Pullo

Titus is  now retired, and living his days on a farm near to us, where he can wander freely, and helps to keep the stable yard free of rodents.  He is having the time of his life!  It was hard to let him go, but the offer of such a wonderful home made it easier.  He had certainly done his bit for us, and lives on in both his girls, (Izzy, Poppy, Glori and Tally)  and his grandchildren – Jesse and Walter.

A huge black and white boy, with gigantic ear tufts,Titus has passed on his broad square muzzle and huge boning, together with his lovely temperament to his offspring.  He has been hugely important in strengthening the quality of our lines and for that reason, he remains as our banner headliner on this website.


100_4440 100_4444

Hopefully this coming Monday, Izzy (Ch Mabalakat Northern Lights) is expecting to Imperial Gr Ch Alisika City-Slicker (George).  As yet, of course, we don’t know what she will have, but could be any of the following:

Boys – Red tabby, Red Solid, Brown Tabby, Solid Black – all with white.

Girls – Red tabby, Red Solid, Tortie tabby, solid tortie – all with white.

We have also mated Tally (Ch. Mabalakat Tallahassee, blue tortie smoke and white) to George, and if she is pregnant (she is keeping us guessing!) her kittens will be due around mid March.  Same colours as above, but with the addition of smokes and silvers.

Her sister, Ch Mabalakat Gloriana (Glori – tortie smoke and white) is in with George at the moment, so hopefully a third litter at the end of April.

We will update when the babies arrive, but in the meantime, if you are interested in any of the above litters, don’t hesitate to contact us on