Breeding Females

Menemsha (GR CH Mabalakat Menemsha-Bay)

As Menemsha is looking so lovely at the moment, we took a photo.  Sadly, at 4 years she has only produced one (rather lovely) litter.  She just doesnt call very often, but we have a handsome boy lined up for when she does!  Hopefully it will be this year.


Up and coming new girls ... no 3...

Finally – this is Mabalakat All That Jazz (Jazz) who is out of IGRCH Coonberry Daddys Girl and UK&IGRCH Alisika City-Slicker (Poppy and George).

Continuing the high quality of kittens from this mating, we have decided to keep Jazz, even though she is related to both of our current boys and a full sister to Menemsha, so, like her, will until we find a new boy, be going out to stud.

Tortie tabby with white, Jazz is a gentle loving girl, who, together with her brother Satchmo, has been having very good results as a kitten, and we look forward to showing her as an adult.

P1070697 P1070719 P1070721

Up and coming new girls continued....

We also welcomed to our cattery Lucifern Lalique from Jo and James Hastings at Lucifern Maine Coons.  Lalique is a richly coloured and heavily coated tortie tabby, with beautiful green eyes.  She has a very broad muzzle and the typical grumpy maine coon expression (even though she is a very gentle and friendly girl). She currently has 3 CC’s but hasnt yet achieved Champion status, as two are from the same judge! (My fault for not reading show schedules correctly!)  We have taken her off the show bench for the time being so that she can have kittens, and we hope that she will for her first litter have babies by Walter.

P1070648 P1070660 P1070662

Up and coming new girls....

In the spring of 2017 we welcomed two new girls to our future breeding program.

Welcome to Alisika Pascali.  Pascali is out of our own bred Mabalakat Columbia who went to Ali Blades in Nottingham (Alisika Maine Coons).  Ali bred Columbia to her huge imported boy who is a lovely pale cream silver shaded and white, as is Pascali.  We have long wanted this colour so were very happy to bring her into our cattery.  It is a shame that Pascali showed us pretty quickly that showing wasnt for her – as such a good example of both colour and breed type we really had hoped she would do well, but it wasnt to be.  So now we are looking forward instead to her having kittens with our boys (she is an outcross to both).

P1070650 P1070655 P1070659 P1070662 P1070664

Welcome to Zeta Melluandia our new girl from Poland.

In November, we welcomed a new addition to our breeding cats…. Zeta joined us from breeder Ewa Szczucka in Poland.  Zeta is a huge long tortie tabby with a gentle nature who we hope will be a really great addition and welcome outcross to our breeding.  Her first kittens will most likely be in the autumn or spring 2019.

Zeta has a fabulous profile, wide muzzle and tall ears.  She also has a long body with tall legs and promises to be a very large girl when mature.  She isnt very keen on being bathed however, so may not be able to be shown – we are currently working on that problem with her!  These photos were done today, at 8 months old.

P1070689 P1070716 P1070722

Ch Mabalakat Menemsha
Ch Mabalakat Menemsha

Menemsha is a brightly coloured solid tortie with white.  Daughter of Ch. Coonberry Daddy’s girl (Poppy) and Imp Gr Ch Alisika City-Slicker (George).  We hope to have some kittens from Menemsha this year.  Massively boned girl, with the same gentle nature as both parents, she is one of our favourites.

TICA double RW and QGC/GCCF Imp Gr Ch Spirritz Tartan Trembler

“Remy” is out of Ch Mabalakat Kaleidoscope, owned by our friends Sharon and Mike Casey of Spirritz Maine Coons, in Scotland.  Remy, despite her fierce appearance, is a huge, gentle girl with bright tortie colouration set off by white bib, tummy, and paws.  She is due to be retired soon, and will be staying with us as we would miss her hugely if she left.  She currently has 4 of the 5 certificates she will need in order to achieve the status of Olympian Grand Champion with GCCF, and has one of the 2 UK Grands (only awarded once a year at the Supreme show) in order to become a UK Grand as well. She achieved her double Regional Wins for TICA in the same year, gaining one as a kitten and one as an adult!

Remy winning OVERALL BEST IN SHOW CAT at the Coventry and Leicester show in 2014.
Remy winning OVERALL BEST IN SHOW CAT at the Coventry and Leicester show in 2014.
Remy at a recent show - and still looking fierce!
Remy at a recent show – and still looking fierce!





GCCF CH. Coonberry Daddys Girl

Poppy is a stunning black smoke and white.  Bred by Tereasa King whose girl visited our boy, TICA QGC Mabalakat Titus Pullo, Poppy is a real chip off the old block!  She has wonderful type, broad head, and the best smoking I have ever seen.  Jet black top coat and snow white undercoat, providing real contrast.

She has her first Grand certificate already, and we hope to achieve the other two soon, before she has a litter.

Poppy at a year old, gaining her 3rd CC.
Poppy at a year old, gaining her 3rd CC.


GCCF CH Mabalakat Northern Lights

“IZZY” is the daughter of Remy and Titus.  She currently needs just one more Grand certificate to achieve the title, but needed to take a rest from the show bench, in order to have kittens, and will hopefully be out in the late summer once more to compete for it.  She was BIS Adult at the Maine Coon Cat Club show in 2015.  A gorgeous girl, even more brightly coloured than her mother, we are looking forward to welcoming her first litter of kittens any day now. (by George – see our breeding males page).

Izzy showing off her beautiful amber eyes.
Izzy showing off her beautiful amber eyes.

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