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George at show

Huge thanks to Neil Wiles for these lovely photos of George at last weekend’s double show (excuse the old hag holding him lol!)  Olympian classes are so hard competing against the best of every breed.  I just felt in full winter coat he looked so amazing had to give it a go, and was very pleased that he was placed 5th and 6th in such large classes of wonderful cats all in their prime.  George is the father of most of my cats, and is grandfather to Jazz’s babies.

Here is judge Ms Bruin’s report on him from the Southern show:  5 CANNELL’S UK IGR CH ALISIKA CITY-SLICKER (MCO d 03 22). Large, rectangular; high on heavy legs. Voluminous muzzle that cld be a tiny bit longer for perfection. Lovely eyes for shape, size, placement and expression. Ears large, wide at the base, set at a slight slant as he was very relaxed; large tufts. Coat of good length; double structure a little too opulent. Red Blotched (pattern rather vague) and White Bi-Colour. Purring along when handled

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Now coming up to two and a half years old, Walter is proving to be a lovely gentle boy.  His brother, Jesse, sadly proved not to be suitable for stud work so has been neutered and is now living in lincolnshire with a previous cat that we bred, where he is very happily settled.

Walter’s first litter were born last year, but sadly only one live kitten to Glori (Fats Waller who can be seen by scrolling down on our home page).

We have plans for him this year to mate both Pascali and Lalique, which should give us a range of colours and patterns.  (Walter carries solid but not dilute, just like his dad, so no blues/creams yet).

We are really pleased with how he has matured, and are hoping that he will take over from his dad in stud work, as we hope to retire George in the not too distant future.




Georgie is from my friend Ali Blades of Alisika Maine Coons.  He is a gentle, chunky, red classic tabby and white boy.  Currently about to resume the Olympian Certificate trail after a huge autumn moult which saw him take a few months out.  Now regrown, and back in his glory, as well as entertaining the ladies, he is coming back out once again onto the show bench.

George is a friendly and gentle lad, whose kittens all take after him in his wonderful temperament.  Everyone who meets him comments upon his laidback nature, as he lolls in my lap greeting his adoring public!

George was best adult in show at the MCCC in 2014.

George lazing in the sun
George lazing in the sun (at 18 months old)


BIS Male Adult MCCC show 2014
George enjoys some one to one time at shows.


IGC Alisika City-Slicker Best Male Adult
IGC Alisika City-Slicker Best Male Adult
Up and coming boys:  The best of Titus and George combined......

We have kept back two boys from George and Poppy’s last year’s litter.  These two lads are now 10 months old, and will hopefully have their first kittens early next year.

Jesse is a massive black smoke and white, and is almost identical to his mum, with her wonderful well defined smoke colouration and white markings.  He is incredibly gentle and loving, and we were thrilled when he was BIS Kitten at the Maine Coon Breed Society Show in October.

Walter is a classic brown tabby with white, and again is a large, gentle boy.  He has lovely markings, and although not quite as big as his brother, still promises to be a large boy, with his Grandfather’s length of body.

Jesse - BIS MCBS October 2015
Jesse – BIS MCBS October 2015
Walter and Jesse


Previous Stud cat:  TICA QGC Mabalakat Titus Pullo

Titus is  now retired, and living his days on a farm near to us, where he can wander freely, and helps to keep the stable yard free of rodents.  He is having the time of his life!  It was hard to let him go, but the offer of such a wonderful home made it easier.  He had certainly done his bit for us, and lives on in both his girls, (Izzy, Poppy, Glori and Tally)  and his grandchildren – Jesse and Walter.

A huge black and white boy, with gigantic ear tufts,Titus has passed on his broad square muzzle and huge boning, together with his lovely temperament to his offspring.  He has been hugely important in strengthening the quality of our lines and for that reason, he remains as our banner headliner on this website.


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