Remy and George's babies are a month old now

Please excuse the grubby faces.  They are still needing to be hand fed, though thankfully can get through the night now.  Taking photos isnt easy – they are either so desperate for food they are climbing up my legs, or covered in milk from their feed, having reached the age where they dont want the nipple, but are reluctant to lap from a bowl!  As for solid food?  YUK! no thanks mum! sigh…… we will get there in time, Im sure.

Some of the kittens are under assessment as potential show neuters, and the girls for show/breeding, so we are making no decisions just yet as to which will be available.

Tortie tabby and white girl
Tortie tabby and white girl
Black and white boy
Black and white boy
Red tabby and white boy
Red tabby and white boy
Tortie and white girl
Tortie and white girl
Red tabby and white girl
Red tabby and white girl
Good day at the CRCAOV show in Cannock!

We had a lovely day out on Saturday at the above show.  Walter got his first Imperial Certificate (he needs 5 so 4 still to go!), he also received Best Of Breed, and it made our day when later on was awarded BEST IN SHOW Semi Longhair Adult!  (see photo where his award is on top of his pen).  He also had a red card day, with all firsts in his side classes.

Walter, looking laid back, after continually trashing his pen!
Walter, looking laid back, after continually trashing his pen!

Menemsha has finally re-grown her coat and looked magnificent but sadly I forgot to do any photos of her!  She was awarded her first Grand certificate, (needs two more now) and also got Best of Breed.  She lost out on Best Adult to her brother (these two are full brother/sister, but a year apart).

To add to our delight, their younger sister (again, same mating of Poppy and George), Mabalakat Astoria, owned by Jo and James Hastings, was awarded 1st in her open class, and again had a red card day, on her very first outing.  More importantly, she really enjoyed her day out and was busy flirting with everyone!  (Picture by her proud owner)

Mabalakat Astoria, tortie tabby and white. 6 months old.



Kittens are 3 weeks old now.

Thank you to all who have been patient with us regarding news and photos of this litter.  It has been a hard time.  After a very prolonged labour, over 3 days, in which Remy gave birth to 8 kittens, sadly we have lost three and have had to hand rear the remaining five.  Remy is being an excellent mum, looking after them well, and very protective of them, but isn’t producing enough milk, so we have been round-the-clock feeding to give her a hand.  I’m pleased to say that all are doing well now, and we hope that they will soon start weaning, and we can start getting some sleep!  These are the first photos, and more to come later on a weekly basis as they grow.  If interested in any of the kittens, drop us an email (we arent answering many phone calls for obvious reasons at present).  No final decisions will be made as to which will be available just yet as it is still early days.  Three are under assessment for possible new owners.  They may be made available later on.

Tortie and White female.  Under assessment as show/breed at present
Tortie and White female. Under assessment as show/breed at present
Red Tabby and white male. Under assessment as possible Show Neuter.
Black and white male. Under assessment as possible show neuter.
Red tabby and white female. May be available.
Tortie tabby and white female. May be available.
Mum Remy is a devoted mother who is keeping them warm, clean and loved.
Autumn photos

This is Isobel, one of Poppy and George’s kittens at 6 months old.  Her owner has just sent us these delightful photos.  We have two babies in our current litter with very similar colouring! (see news of new litter below)  She is growing into a beautiful cat, and her tail is now fluffing up nicely.

14940005_10154857625633570_8183475927096979661_o 14940244_10154857624903570_7658598867731027240_o 14976318_10154857626093570_4235034723682190740_o

Very pleased to announce the birth of 6 beautiful babies to Remy (Imperial Grand Champion Spirritz Tartan Trembler) and George (UK and Imperial Grand Champion Alisika City-Slicker) this morning.

Subject to later confirmation it looks like we have 3 tortie and white girls, one might be tortie tabby; 2 red tabby with white, could be either sex; and one black and white male.

Photos will follow later.  We have tried to notify all who expressed an interest in this litter, but if you think we have missed you, do get in touch via email.  No decisions will be taken as to homes until these have been fully assessed for show potential.


Overjoyed to say that our “Gorgeous George” (Alisika City-Slicker) received his second UK GRAND certificate at the Supreme Show on 22nd October, making his full title UK and Imperial Grand Champion Alisika City-Slicker.  (For those of you who dont know, this title needs TWO certificates, from different judges, and is ONLY awarded at this once a year show.  So for any cat, let alone an entire male, to gain this is remarkable.  We didnt try last year, as his moult was in full flow (literally) so have had to wait a very long time to gain this award.  George then went on to be awarded Best of Breed too, and then on to compete against over 20 other adult winners for the next level, which sadly, he didnt win, but I am just so proud of this lovely big boy. (photos below are from earlier shows)


To add to our delight, his son, Walter also won his class, gaining his 3rd Grand Certificate, and Best of Breed too.  His new full title is Grand Champion Mabalakat Walter White.  We were just so proud to have these two wonderful boys competing against each other and over 20 others in the Best of Variety class.  This is one Supreme Show we wont forget in a long while!

MCBS and LH/SLH shows 1st October 2016

Took both Walter and Jesse to the joint shows at Bracknell.  Jesse was awarded Reserve Grand in the MCBS show, and Walter Gained the Grand certificate (his second) in the MCBS show and Best of Breed in both shows.  In the LH/SLH he then went on to be OVERALL BEST IN SHOW ADULT SEMI LONGHAIR and the photos below show him being held on the stage whilst the overall Best in Show was judged.  We had a lovely though busy day. Thank you to Beryl McMillan for the photos.

Walter being judged for best in show
Walter being judged for best in show


next litter confirmed...

Assuming all goes well, we should be expecting kittens from Imperial Grand Champion Spirritz Tartan Trembler (Remy) to Imperial Grand Champion Alisika City-Slicker (Georgie) in early November.  We are really excited about this litter from our two most highly titled cats.  Kittens should be both tabby (classic) and solids.  No silvers or smokes, nor dilutes, this time.  So red, red tabby; tortie, tortie tabby; brown tabby; black all with white most likely. Girls will all be red or red tabby or tortie/tortie tabby.  Boys red, red tabby, brown tabby or black.  Images of the proud parents below.

sn1-035 p2232760 421830_10200545842190351_640707043_n 1898278_10153845760155453_2034787162_n

3rd September, Wyvern Cat Club Show, Izzy (Ch Mabalakat Northern Lights) gained her 3rd GCC certificate, so is now a Grand Champion!

Walter was awarded Res GR CH certificate, so now the brothers have one Reserve each, and both will be going out separately to try for their Grand Certificates.

17th September:  Walter is awarded his first GRAND CHAMPION certificate!  He is the first of the boys to start the journey, but hopefully both will do well at our club show next month.

Lucky (Lucifern Lucky Charm) gained her 3rd CHAMPION certificate so is now a champion.  Sadly she really doesnt like showing, so this will be her last show.